45% decrease in dogs destroyed in Irish Pounds in 2019

Petfix Club
31st October 2020 - 1 min read

The 2019 Irish Dog Control Statistics have just been released, showing that 398 dogs were destroyed in Irish pounds in 2019. Although this figure is still very high, it is positive that this is a 45% decrease on 2018. It is astonishing to reflect that in the 1990s, up to 30,000 dogs were destroyed annually.

dog behind fence

This reflects well on all involved, especially the many dog rescue groups who have engaged with dog pounds and others, rehoming dogs in Ireland.

9,103 dogs entered the pounds in 2019, a 7.5% reduction on the 2018 figures. 6,351 stray dogs were collected, with only 1,921 being reclaimed, meaning that 4,400 dogs were effectively abandoned. Furthermore, 2,489 dogs were surrendered by their owners. So compared to previous years good work has been done, but we all need to do better again this year to ensure the numbers of dogs in danger keep decreasing.

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