A Record Number of Puppies Born in Ireland

Petfix Club
8th September 2020 - 1 min read

The Killing family in Limerick were delighted when their two dogs Archie (Irish-setter/English-springer) and Bella (Labrador/Border collie) delivered a litter of 16 puppies.

Unfortunately, only 15 of the puppies survived, but a delivery of 16 puppies is said to be the largest delivery in Ireland.

puppies in basket
Image via Brendan Gleeson

The family had planned to get Bella neutered before lockdown, but to their surprise, she had other plans.

Mary Killing explained, “the neutering appointment was cancelled during lockdown as it was not considered urgent.” “We tried keeping Bella and Archie apart: we tried nappies, Vick’s Vaporub and we separated them for a couple of days. It wasn’t to be, though.”

The vet had originally told the family they would have 8-10 puppies, so they were “shocked” to have received 15.

The Killing family have decided to keep the first puppy born in the litter, and the rest are being re-homed to friends and family.

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