Pete Wedderburn
2nd December 2019 - 2 min read

The Petfix behaviour section is designed to help identify problems that warrant veterinary and behaviour intervention and determine how urgent the need for care is.  

We offer guidance and basic training techniques that owners can try on their own at home and share advice that’s proven to help reduce problem behaviour and reinforce good behaviour.

Each behavioural disorder asks a series of questions to help build a clearer picture of the pet’s history, their environment, possible triggers and get a sense of how severe the problem might be.

Using all the information you provide, we offer expert insight on the most likely causes and offer advice on how to prevent the problem from escalating and look at training methods that can help correct any unwelcome behaviour.  In some cases, veterinary care or advice from a qualified animal behaviourist may be required. We’ll help you work out when that’s necessary too.

Some behaviour problems are complex and happen as a result of multiple factors. If that’s the case, we might need a more in-depth history or to see how the pet behaves or reacts in certain circumstances. This can be done online or in person depending on the severity of the case.  

Pain can also be a contributing factor to a change in your pet’s behaviour, so unless your pet has a specific training problem or known  environmental challenge, a veterinary examination should be carried out to help decide on the best course of action.