Cathey Davey from My Lovely Pig Rescue on pig adoption and welfare in Ireland

Petfix Club
16th July 2021 - 1 min read

My Lovely Pig Rescue was officially launched in May 2020 and has nearly 60 pigs of all breeds and ages in its care. Over the last 5 years, the number of pigs needing rescue has risen, and so they have adapted one of their farms as a dedicated sanctuary to suit the needs of the many different pigs they look after.

The My Lovely Pig Rescue farm is the only pig rescue in Ireland, making it an extremely important resource not just for pigs but for pig owners who need help with medical or behavioural emergencies.

MLPR work closely with UCD veterinary college for all surgical needs, from castrations and spaying to eye operations and dental work.

The My Lovely Pig Rescue farm is run by founding member Cathy and a team of 6 volunteers. We were lucky enough to have Cathy join us on Instagram live to discuss pig rescue and welfare in Ireland. Pete the vet and Cathy spoke very passionately for over 45 minutes about his incredibly interesting topic, and the challenges they face in Ireland today.

You can watch the video back here:

If you are interested in adopting a pig head over to the My Lovely Pig Rescue Facebook and send a direct message. 

You can also donate here.