The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

Petfix Club
1st December 2020 - 2 min read

Whether you’re looking for the perfect toy to tuck under the tree for your pet or the ideal present for a pet owner, we’ve got you covered. Make it an  Un-fur-getable Christmas for your pets this Christmas.

Gift Ideas for Pet Parents

Petfix Club Yearly Membership

Pet mad? Give them the gift of a Petfix Club membership.  With a special price of €50 reduced from €77 for a 1-year membership to all Petfix Club has to offer.

Gift Ideas for the Dog

Dog Bandana

Handmade in Nothern Ireland using wool, these dog bandanas from Don’t forget the dog will be the perfect Christmas set for your pooch.

Sniffe & Likkit

This new premium range of ‘pet-scentric’ products from Sniffe & Likkit smell fabulous and make a great gift idea. They use natural ingredients and are specially formulated to be pH-balanced for dogs’ skin and has signature scent ‘Woodland Wonderfur’ .

Eco-Friendly Dog Bed

Why not treat your favourite pooch this Christmas with an Eco-friendly bed, made out of 100% recycled PET bottles.

Freddie the cockapoo showcasing the
Petfix Club member and instagram star @mister_freddie_the_cockapoo

Dog Hoodie

Loungewear is for dogs too. These Be Nordic Hoodies are sure to keep your doggie cosy.

For other Christmas outfit ideas for your dog check out our article on Christmas outfits for your dog. Check it out here!

Olive Branch

What dog does not love a good stick? This Olive branch is safe for your dog and aids dental care. It is 100% natural and long-lasting chew designed to satisfy your dog’s natural chewing urge!

Petfix Gift Box

Gift Ideas for the Cat

Thrive Treats

Thrive cat treats are 100% protein. They contain no wheat and are gluten-free. Contain absolutely no added colours, sugar or preservatives so you can be sure you are meeting your pets dietary needs whilst keeping them in good health.

Cat Collar

Wearing a Kittyrama cat collar requires cattitude. Kittyrama designer cat collars are for cats that won’t be phased when they become the envy of all the other cats in the neighbourhood.

Eco-Friendly Cat Bed

Why not treat their favourite your fluffy friend this Christmas with an Eco-friendly bed. These beds are made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Catit Flower Water Fountain

The Catit flower fountain uses running water to encourage your pet to drink more. Drinking regularly is important for your cat’s health, as it helps ensure proper kidney function and prevents crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases. With three water flow systems, the Catit flower fountain engages even the pickiest of drinkers with its gentle flow, bubbling top and calm stream flow.

Laser Toys

It goes without saying that cats love laser toys! They provide your Cats with hours of harmless fun, chasing, pouncing and jumping all while keeping active and developing your Feline’s natural stalking instincts.

That concludes our list of awesome gifts for dog and cat lovers and their furry pals.