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Backyard Poultry

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For all of the poultry loving folk out there, share your backyard pics!

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Keep up to date with all of the latest Petfix News!

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Best Breeds

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Join the conversation and discuss what you think the best breed is

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Adopting Animals

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We explore the safe, ethical world of animal adoption

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Teaching Tricks

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All animals can be taught their own tricks, right?

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Animal Grooming

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Pick up tips and tricks to keep your animal in the best condition possible

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Bird Buddies

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Bird lovers flock here!

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Fish Friends

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All fish lovers will find their friends here!

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Reptile Realm

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A special place for all reptile lovers to discuss snakes, lizards and the rest!

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Small Pets

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From Rabbits to Gerbils, we like to discuss all Small Animals!

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Crazy Cat Lovers

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A free space for cat lovers to discuss all cat related topics!

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Kitten Questions

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A safe home for kitten lovers to ask questions about their babies!

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Dog Health

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Discussions on health related topics for dogs!

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Dog Shows and Events

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Keep up to date with the latest news and events from dog shows around Ireland!

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Dog Training and Behavior

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Tips, tricks and questions from dog owners with a love for training and good behaviour!

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Puppy Training

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A group of puppy lovers who love to share their training tips and tricks!

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Dog Walkers

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For all of the dog walkers of Ireland to discuss their favourite spots for them and their pooches!