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Could my dog become aggressive after being in a dog fight?


My two large bull terrier cross dogs got into the most awful fight, and one was so badly injured that she had to be put down. I’m now nervous about the remaining dog, as he did so much damage to her. He has never shown any aggression to any humans, but could he be dangerous?


I am sorry to hear about the dog fight. It’s common for dogs of the same type, in the same house, to get into fights and it’s very upsetting, especially with an outcome like this. However, dog to dog aggression is very different to dog to human aggression, and if your dog has never had any issues with people, the risk is probably very small. Still, to be safe, you should arrange a consult with a behavioural advisor (e.g. to ensure that you’re managing such a large, strong breed as safely as you ought to be.

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