Dog Saved after Eating Face Mask

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18th November 2020 - 1 min read

A one-year old cocker spaniel, Ralph, was saved by an animal charity after eating a face mask.

dog with cone around head PDSA
Ralph after his surgery to remove face mask

Ralph’s owner Julie said he must have stolen the face mask from her daughter’s bag during the night. Julie said he had a liking for underwear so they hid those items from him, but never thought he would actually eat a face mask! Ralph underwent surgery at Huyton PDSA in Liverpool to remove the face mask that was blocked in his intestines.

facee mask removed from dog
The face mask removed from Ralph’s intestine (Source: PDSA)

Ralph’s owner Julie noticed something was wrong when he could’t keep water down, and was refusing his favourite treat.

PDSA vet Lizzie Whitton carried out an X-ray and found a gas build-up and a foreign body. Whitton stated that intestinal procedures can result in complications, but thankfully Ralph’s operation went well.

xray of facemask in dog
Green area shows build up of gas, and face mask is shown by the red arrow.

Thankfully, Ralph is now fully recovered, and his owner Julie is delighted. She explained that “without PDSA, we would’ve lost Ralph. He’s been my absolute rock through lockdown, I don’t know what I would’ve done without him.”

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