Dogs of American Presidents – Past and Future

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21st January 2021 - 1 min read

Joe Biden is bringing change to the White House as his dogs, Champ and Major, become the first pets in the presidential home for four years. The two rescue dogs even celebrated their very own virtual ‘Indoguration’ ceremony on Sunday.

joe biden walking dog major
Joe Biden walking dog “Major”

Singer Josh Groban performed at the ‘Indoguration’ to honour Biden’s dog Major. Groban posted “Joe Biden, please let me sing for this,” in one of his Instagram stories regarding the virtual celebration, which was organised by Delaware Humane Association, where Major, the German Shepherd, was adopted by the Bidens in 2018.

Although there has not been a dog in the White House for four years due to President Trump not having any animals, Biden isn’t the first president to have pets. Many leaders throughout the years have brought a furry friend along with them.

Using their MyHeritage in Color technology, MyHeritage has recoloured some classic images of presidents with their pets, and we wanted to share some of these incredible images from the past.

Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Johnson and one of his beagles “Him” or “Her”
John F Kennedy and dogs
Pushinka JFK dog at white house
Pushinka – JFK
Harry Truman Feller dog
Harry S. Truman’s Cocker spaniel dog, “Feller”
Franklin Roosevelt and dog
Franklin Roosevelt
Herbert Hoover wife and dog
Herbert Hoover
calvin coolidge and dog
Calvin Coolidge and dog Rob Roy
warren harding dog
Warren-Harding’s dog Laddie Boy
Grover Cleveland dog Gallagher
Grover Cleveland’s dog Gallagher
President Ford and his golden retriever Liberty
President Ford and his Golden Retriever Liberty
franklin d roosevelt and dog fala
Franklin D Roosevelt and dog Fala
Herbert Hoover and King Tut
Herbert Hoover and King Tut
Grace Coolidge with dogs
Grace Coolidge
Archie Roosevelt poses with Algonquin
Archie Roosevelt poses with pony “Algonqui”
Theodore Roosevelt and Family and dog
Theodore Roosevelt and Family