Dogs Trust Gather Over 52,000 Signatures asking the Oireachtas Committee to Stop the Illegal Sale of Dogs

Petfix Club
1st June 2021 - 2 min read

Dogs Trust is asking for all advertisements for the sale of dogs be verified before they appear on selling platforms.

Dogs Trust Sold a Pup Campaign
Senator Lynn Boylan, member of the Oireachtas Committee (right) receiving the ‘Sold a Pup’ campaign petition from Becky Bristow (left), Executive Director of Dogs Trust Ireland.
(Photograph: ©Fran Veale)

The Joint Committee of Agriculture and the Marine will meet today to discuss The Sale Supply & Advertising of Pets regulations and has invited the Dogs Trust Ireland Executive Director, Becky Bristow to speak at the hearing.

Dogs Trust, Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity, launched the “Sold A Pup” campaign to highlight the cruelty and deception surrounding the illegal selling and advertising of dogs and puppies in Ireland. As part of this campaign, the charity asked the public to take action by signing a petition asking the Irish government to enforce the existing laws, to stop the illegal sale of dogs.

The petition, signed by over 52,000 members of the public asked for the Sale, Supply & Advertising of Pets laws to be enforced to help stamp out puppy farming in Ireland.

Speaking at the delivery of the petition, Becky Bristow said: “The rigorous enforcement of the Sale, Supply and Advertising of Pets law is imperative because it gives low welfare breeders nowhere to hide. Introducing a system which verifies the authenticity of sellers and the dogs they are selling prior to display of the advert means that every dog sold would be traceable back to the seller.”

Oireachtas Hearing

Tune into the Oireachtas hearing today, Tuesday 1st June 2021, at 3.30pm by going to

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Becky joined Pete on the Petfix Instagram Live recently to discuss these issues, if you want to learn more before the hearing, you can watch back here:

Petfix Club would like to wish Becky Bristow of Dogs Trust the best of luck this afternoon.