Fire Brigade rescue cat from an electricity pole

Petfix Club
1st January 2021 - 1 min read

Local animal charity Limerick Animal Welfare posted an appeal recently for help to their official Facebook page after they were told about a cat who had been stuck on the top of a tall telephone pole for almost 24 hours.

cat electricity pole
Source: Limerick Animal Welfare

The Limerick Fire Brigade was notified and came to the rescue. Members of the Fire and Rescue service undertook a “purr-fect rescue”, managing to bring the cat to safety just as dusk began falling on the city. The members of the service remained calm and collected as they approached the cat, ensuring they didn’t make any sudden movements that would frighten it. They rescued the cat in less than a minute and brought it to safety.

The brigade members were praised for their stellar work in rescuing the cat, and even got in on the pun jokes.