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My cat was hit by a car last week but he seems fine. Should I get him checked by my vet anyway?


My cat ran across the road in front of a car last week.
The wheel went right over him – I saw it happen.
He ran off, and when I found him, he seemed completely unharmed. He has no signs of being unwell at all.
Should I get him checked by my vet anyway?


There’s a long list of possible injuries after a major trauma like that. For instance, some injuries might not show immediate obvious signs including internal issues like a ruptured diaphragm.

To be safe, you should ask your vet to check him over.

It’s far easier to treat certain conditions if they are spotted early on rather than waiting until there are obvious serious signs of illness.

If you are worried about your pet's health, visit the Petfix DIY Triage Checker or talk to your vet as soon as possible.