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orange and white dog in the boot of a red car
Travel Sickness for Dogs - The Petfix Club Podcast
How to train a dog to be comfortable in the car, and car saf…
Arthritis and Hip Displaysia
Arthritis and Hip Displaysia - The Petfix Club Podcast
Pete the vet discusses different types of arthritis, signs, …
dog food in hand white bowl
Scienced-based Trends in Pet Food - The Petfix Club Podcast
Pete the vet discusses prescription diets, hypoallergenic di…
How to Read & Understand Pet Food Labels - The Petfix Podcast
Learn the terminology so you can decide what food is best fo…
dog with biscuit on nose
Changing Your Pets Diet - The Petfix Club Podcast
Pete the vet discusses the best way to transition your pet f…
fireworks at night
The effect of fireworks on pets - Petfix Club Podcast
Noise sensitivities in animals, and how to prevent your pet …
puppy in the vet
Avoid Emergency Vet Visits at Christmas Time - The Podcast
Reasons people end up at the vet over Christmas, and how to …
Christmas gift and cookies
Christmas Foods Dangerous for Dogs - The Podcast
Toxic foods include mince pies, chocolate, whiskey, garlic, …
dog sitting in front of Christmas tree
The dangers and myths of Christmas trees and plants for pets
Myths about holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, lilies, and amary…
Pet Anxiety Dog in the Grass
Pet Anxiety - The Petfix Club Podcast
Petfix Club chat CBD, and signs of separation anxiety post C…
Black Daschund Puppy on the hands owner
10 Common Puppy Questions - The Podcast
Vaccinations, crate training, feeding, worm treatment, cryin…
two dogs swimming in the sea
Sea Swimming with Dogs - Petfix Club Podcast
Pete the vet discusses the benefits of sea swimming for dogs…
two sniffer dogs in airport
Covid-19 Airport Sniffer Dogs - The Petfix Podcast
Pete discusses the Covid-19 sniffer dogs in Helsinki Airport
dog with headphones yellow background
An Introduction to Petfix Club - The Podcast
Learn all of the unique features Petfix has to offer!
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