Pet safety around Barbeque

Petfix Club
4th June 2021 - 3 min read

As the Bank Holiday approaches you may be planning to fire up the BBQ.

When humans cook outdoors, the normal rules of the kitchen are often forgotten, especially when alcohol is consumed at the same time, and people are distracted by socialising. Vets often see accidents and illnesses associated with barbecues.

Following a few safety tips will help to keep your BBQ safe for your pets.

1. Don’t feed your pet leftovers

Although it is tempting to give your pet a treat from the barbeque, the leftovers can upset your pet’s stomach and leave them unwell.

High fat scraps

Greasy, spicy and high fat foods can cause inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) in pets, a serious and painful condition which can cause dullness, vomiting and even collapse.

Spare Ribs

The classic example of a BBQ crisis is when dogs are given spare ribs or other cooked bones. Typical problems include pieces of bone becoming lodged across the roof of the mouth, crunched-up bones causing severe constipation, or a single large piece of bone causing a serious intestinal obstruction or perforation.

Corn On The Cob

Even seemingly innocuous objects can cause major problems in pets. A corn-on-the-cob is one of the most common objects to become lodged in the small intestine of a dog, due to its size and shape, and the irregular pockmarks in its surface. Dogs love chewing these, partly because they may be coated in butter and salt, but they can cause life threatening problems, so they should be kept well out of your pets’ reach.

barbeque cooking chicken skewers and corn on the cob

2. Don’t give pets a bone

Although the idea of giving your pet a bone to chew on, we’d never recommend giving them cooked bones. Bones can be really harmful for your pet causing a lot of problems. They can shatter easily causing injury as the splinters can become lodged in or even worse puncture your pet’s digestive tract. Instead why not try a safe chew toy to keep them occupied?

3. Don’t leave food unattended

With smells and temptations all around, your pet might be ready to grab those sausages and run! Make sure any rubbish is thrown away in a closed bin that your pet can’t access. Pets often get their paws on things they shouldn’t, so keep everything closed and sealed so little paws stay out.

cat sniffing raw burger

3. Keep hazards out of reach

Keep all lighter fluid, and firelighters to light your barbeque, well out of reach of pets. It’s also best to keep all alcohol, sugary treats and desserts out of reach from pets, as these have the potential to make them unwell.

4. Keep them cool

Like humans, our pets can overheat in the sun. Make sure they have a way to cool down and have some fresh water available to keep them hydrated. Watch out for signs of heatstroke in pets.

A cooling mat is a great way to beat the heat!

dog on cooling mat

5. Treat them too

Let them have fun too with a safe pet treat. Although it may be frowned upon to let our pets enjoy snacks off the barbeque, why not give them a long-lasting chew or a treat spinner to let them get in on the fun and enjoyment.

Following these simple guidelines will allow everyone, humans and pets alike, to have a safe and enjoyable outing.