Pete talks pet-friendly cafes, restaurants and hotels with Pet-Friendly Dublin

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24th June 2021 - 2 min read

Pet-Friendly Dublin was set up by Carol and her husband Raphael in March 2020. Originally from Brazil, when the pair moved to Dublin, they wanted to know what cafes, hotels and restaurants were pet friendly but they couldn’t find any resources online, and that is how Pet-Friendly Dublin was born.

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“As we know, not all places in the city welcome our fur companions, and because we consider pets as family, we would like to have more options to take them out with us more often.” – Carol from Pet Friendly Dublin

The Pet-Friendly Dublin website allows any Irish business that welcomes pets to apply as a listing on their website, to encourage people to visit their cafes, restaurants or hotels with their pets. If you are a business or know a business that wants to register, you can do so here.

Dog-Friendly Ireland Day

Pet-Friendly Dublin has come together with Dogs Trust to celebrate Dog-Friendly Ireland Day on Friday the 25th of June.

We want to make Ireland the best place in the world for dogs and we believe you should be able to take public transport with your pup, enjoy a pint with your pooch or a mocha with your mutt!” – Dogs Trust

The Pet-Friendly Dublin Instagram page is running a competition to raise funds for Dogs Trust, while also encouraging Irish businesses to become more pet-friendly. Learn more here.

To learn more, watch back the Instagram Live here:

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