Pete talks to Judy from Sniffe & Likkit on IGTV

Petfix Club
16th April 2021 - 1 min read

As the Sniffe & Likkit brand is exclusive to Petfix Club in Ireland, we thought it was important for Petfix members and customers to learn about their unique range of incredible smelling, calming, high-quality products.

On Wednesday the 14th of April, Petfix vet Pete Wedderburn was joined by Judy on Petfix Instagram Live to discuss the range of products, how they are useful for dogs, and the journey they went on to make the brand what it is today.

They discuss ‘sniffology’, their packaging, and the reasons behind the use of their pet-friendly scents. Judy also explains the process they went through to choose the product ingredients. With a background in fragrance herself, and help from a pet aromatherapist they shaped the brand and made it what is it today.

This video is part of a series of Instagram Lives run on the Petfix Club Instagram. Pete will have a different guest each week and will discuss different topics relating to the person joining, their pets, pet-related charities, or pet brands.