Misinformation Regarding the Rapeseed Plant and Animals on Instagram Live

Petfix Club
20th May 2021 - 1 min read

There has been a lot of talk about the dangers associated with the rapeseed plant and rapeseed fields in the media recently, but Petfix vet Pete Wedderburn researched the claims and wanted to explain his view on the truth of the matter.

Pete took to Instagram Live on Wednesday the 19th of May to talk to Petfix followers about the media misconceptions, and to set the record straight. Watch back the Instagram Live here:

In this short IGTV session, Pete Wedderburn debunks the social media myth that rapeseed fields are dangerous to dogs. Petfix Club is all about providing trusted information about pets. This fake news provides a good example of misinformation that can mislead owners. If you want evidence-based, properly researched information, talk to us at Petfix Club.