PJ Gallagher talks dog poo with Pete on Instagram Live

Petfix Club
27th May 2021 - 1 min read

As part of the Petfix Club Instagram Live series, we like to talk about topical issues, but we also like to have a bit of fun too. Last nights Instagram live did exactly that. Pete was joined by comedian, and radio host PJ Gallagher to talk all things dog poo.

PJ was recently the face of the Dog’s Trust campaign for “The Big Scoop” which launched this week.

The launch followed a survey that showed 9 in 10 people claim dog fouling is an issue in their area with 87% saying it has become worse over the past year. 68% of people also stated they often witness dog walkers leaving their dogs’ poo behind while 85% reported seeing discarded full poo bags.

pj gallagher and dog for the dogs trust big scoop campaign
PJ Gallagher for the Dogs Trust “Big Scoop” Campaign (Source: Fran Veale)

Pete and PJ, otherwise known as “Poo Jay” by the Dogs Trust team, spoke at length about the common issues with dog owners as Dog Trust is eager to highlight the fact that dog fouling is a human problem and they want to see dog owners take responsibility by picking up after their dogs and reducing the amount of dog mess being left in public spaces.

Watch back the Instagram Live here:

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