Potential bill to be passed in UK, allowing tenants to keep pets in rented properties

Petfix Club
6th February 2021 - 2 min read

In Ireland, there’s a serious issue of people having difficulty finding rental accommodation that permits pets. The emotional support offered by pets is huge, and the thought of being parted from their pets is devastating to many pet owners. Some Irish politicians are beginning to engage with seeking an answer to this problem, and it’s interesting to watch what is developing across the Irish Sea.

A brand new UK bill has passed its first reading which could allow thousands of renters the right to keep their beloved pets in a rented property. The bill, known as Jasmine’s Law, seeks to erase the unfair “no pet” clauses in tenancy agreements.

The bill would mean owners could move without the danger of having to give up their beloved cats and dogs, and would allow new renters the possibility to include a pet in their plans.

There are, however, fears that this could lead to landlords raising rent, or charging extra for animals.

MP Andrew Rosindell, who is ­encouraging the change, said: “Sadly, pet ­owners moving into rented ­accommodation face the reality that their family could be torn apart ­because most landlords have ­unnecessary bans on pet ownership.”

The Tory MP has this week been in talks with landlords over his Dogs and Domestic Animals bill, telling them it will not mean tenants have an ­“unconditional right” to keep pets.

lady sitting in apartment with dog

The Model Tenancy Agreement is the UK government’s recommended contract for landlords, and while some landlords may not adopt it, more work is being done to ban blanket ‘no pet’ clauses by law. 

Ireland needs to develop a similar approach to tackle this issue: over to you, politicians!