Puppy and Kitten Q+A with Pete on Instagram Live

Petfix Club
10th May 2021 - 1 min read

On Wednesday the 5th of May, Petfix vet Pete Wedderburn went live on Instagram to answer some of the common questions sent into Petfix Club about puppies and kittens. He discusses sourcing, feeding, sleeping, behaviour and a range of other topics. He also takes questions from viewers about their specific puppy and kitten needs.

puppy and kitten on white background

You can watch the Instagram live video back here:

This video is part of a series of Instagram Lives run on the Petfix Club Instagram. Pete will have a different guest each week and will discuss different topics relating to the person joining, their pets, pet-related charities, or their profession. Some weeks Pete will come on to discuss common topics, if you have any topic suggestions please let us know!

If you have a specific question about your kitten or puppy, you can ask Pete and his team at Ask A Vet