SARDA Ireland Search and Rescue Organisation on IGTV

Petfix Club
10th June 2021 - 1 min read

SARDA Ireland is a voluntary emergency search and rescue organisation concerned with the training, assessment and deployment of Air Scenting Search and Rescue Dogs to search for missing persons.

SARDA Ireland logo

Their dog teams, which consist of the handler and their dog, search anywhere in Ireland and are effective in the mountains, woodlands, rural and urban areas, waterways and seashore, as well as in locating accident or disaster victims.

Edelle from SARDA Ireland joined Pete on Instagram Live on the 9th of June. The pair discussed what SARDA Ireland do, and how the dog teams are trained. Edelle gives examples of what a search mission might look like, and they also answer questions from viewers and learn about the role of rescue dogs and their handlers.

The work SARDA do is admirable, and they save the lives of many on their search missions. No one receives any payment for their work with SARDA. All handlers and helpers are unpaid volunteers who give their time freely. To donate to SARDA, go to: