Johnsons 4fleas Room Fogger Aerosol

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Johnson’s 4Fleas Room Fogger has been expertly developed to kill fleas and other insects such as ants, cockroaches and earwigs in one treatment. This product contains permethrin and s-methoprene; the perfect solution to a suspected infestation of fleas or other insects. This easy to use spray is not only effective in killing the live insects, but prevents the development of eggs hatching as well. It also provides protection for your home’s furnishing’s and most importantly, your pets bedding, for up to seven months.

100ml: Treats an area of 35 square metres.



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Brand information

Johnson’s started life in 1921 as Johnson Brothers, Poultry Specialists; manufacturing products aimed at the increasingly popular poultry breeding market.
Over the next 30 years, Johnson’s expanded its product range to cater for both the popular cage bird and fledgling pet care market for dogs and cats.

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