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This gorgeous TeePee for cats allows your furry friends to enjoy their privacy in style — away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Every cat needs a breather now and then — this cat TeePee bed offers refuge to a cat who needs to take five. The classic TeePee design is a stylish addition that provides a sanctuary for cats to rest, relax and observe.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides privacy for your cat
  • Stylish and functional
  • You’ll need a High Plate for this fun extension. If you already have a High Plate, you’re good to go. It is a fun add-on extension to the High Plate. Perfect for the kids’ room, lounge or catio.


Cream & Grey with Grey Fixings

The Catipilla range has been specially selected by Pete ‘the Vet’ Wedderburn and his team as part of a high-quality range of products for the Petfix Store.



  • The Cat TeePee comes with five fabric panels.
  • You can choose two different colours or have them all the same.
  • We’ll deliver three panels in your first choice colour and two panels in your second choice colour.
  • If you require more than two colours, please contact us.
  • You can match your TeePee fixings to the colour of your High Plate or choose a different colour if you’d prefer.
  • The TeePee is made with faux leather panels and enhanced ABS fixings.


  • This TeePee for cats is quick and easy to install in 10 minutes or under.
  • Installation booklet and all fittings included.


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Brand information

Since their launch at the UK National Pet Show in 2017, Catipilla has sold thousands of their products to cat lovers, vets, and catteries across the World and are only just getting started. Their focus on innovative design and delivering high-quality products that help cats lead healthier and happier lives continues to be the things that get us out of bed every morning. For too long the cat market has been dull and played second fiddle; Catipilla is on a journey to change that.

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