Ancol Dog Cooling Coat

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Product Details

Simply soak the coat in water, wring out the excess and the effects of the sun will dry the coat out and at the same time, the evaporating water will cool your dog’s skin. The Ancol Dog Cooling Vest will make your dog feel cool, not wet and retains moisture for hours.

Features and Benefits

  • Hot and bothered dogs will be instantly refreshed by the Ancol Pet Cooling Vest
  • The vest can be plunged into water and put onto a hot dog to reduce the risk of overheating
  • This simple but effective process can be repeated whenever the vest dries out to keep your dog cool, happy, and healthy on hot days
  • The vest has a belly strap to ensure a snug fit.

Various Sizes available:

XS: Length 25cm / Girth 50cm max
S: Length 30cm / Girth 60cm max
M: Length 40cm / Girth 70cm max
L: Length 50cm / Girth 80cm max
XL: Length 60cm / Girth 90cm max
XXL: Length 70cm / Girth 100cm max

The Ancol range has been specially selected by Pete ‘the Vet’ Wedderburn and his team as part of a high-quality range of sustainable products for the Petfix Store.

Brand information

Ancol is an independent, family owned company specialising in the supply of pet accessories for dogs, cats and small animals. From our West Midlands base in Walsall we've been developing both functional and luxurious products for discerning pet owners for almost 40 years, using our unrivalled experience, passion and knowledge to become the market leader in pet accessories.

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