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Product Details

Dogrobes practical robe will dry, warm and comfort your dog after outdoor adventures and bathtimes. So let dogs be dogs and let Dogrobes work their magic. The secret is in our own special fabric. Dogs dry quicker in Dogrobes. Dogs can remove up to 70% of water when they shake, but the remaining 30% means wet fur which is a poor insulator and can cause your dog’s body temperature to drop. Dogrobes’ innovative fabric has longer loops on the inside that quickly draw moisture away from your dog’s coat. They trap air and body heat to maintain the dog’s body temperature, speed up drying time and keep your dog’s muscles warm after exercise.

Features and Benefits

  • Dogrobes are easy to put on and take off and they’re non-restrictive so your dog can move around freely.
  • Cotton is a natural, breathable material, and our lightweight fabric is even tolerated by dogs who don’t like wearing coats.
  • The single layer of fabric means it dries super quickly for re-use.
  • Dogrobes is a Velcro free zone.



Measuring and Size Guide

  • Your dog’s collar to tail measurement will normally be a few inches shorter than the girth measurement.
  • This is perfect, as the extra inches in length are needed to drape over the hindquarters and dry the back legs.
  • If your dog is between sizes, opt for the size up.
  • If your dog’s length matches or is great than its girth, opt for the size up to give you the extra inches to hang over the back end.
16 inches/41cm Yorkshire Terrier MINI
20 inches/51cm Jack Russell TOY
24 inches/61cm Cocker Spaniel XS
26 inches/66cm Springer Spaniel S
30 inches/76cm Border Collie M
32 inches/81cm Labrador L
36 inches/91cm German Shepherd XL
40 inches/101cm Great Dane XXL
44 inches/112cm Newfoundland XXXL

The Dogrobes has been specially selected by Pete ‘the Vet’ Wedderburn and his team as part of a high-quality range of products for the Petfix Store.


Brand information

Award-winning Dogrobes are perfect after outdoor adventures, training and bath times. Our 3-in-1 dog drying coat is easy to slip on and tie for a simple, secure fit, time after time. With our range of accessories, we've got the complete solution to drying wet dogs and eradicating damp dog smells. Only genuine Dogrobes' products are made from our specially super-absorbent, lightweight cotton towelling fabric and are independently safety-tested. Dogrobes have been trusted for years by the professionals you trust - vets and hydrotherapists, dog walkers and groomers. Our 5-star reviews show that Dogrobes' products and customer service are second to none.

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