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The Halti No Pull Harness is a must-have for dogs prone to pulling on the lead. With a unique design that offers two no pull functions this dog harness gives you back control. The stop-pull lifting feature automatically activates when your dog begins to pull, while the front control ring provides additional no pull support for stronger dogs.

Features and Benefits

  • The unique design of the Halti No Pull Harness means it stays securely in place during walks to prevent pulling. The padded chest panel also helps to ensure both comfort and effectiveness.
  • The Halti No Pull Harness comes in 3 different sizes. Great for large dogs and small dogs alike, the convenient fitting ensures easy on-and-off between walks.
  • The shape and lightweight design of this dog harness allow for a full range of motion. The soft, yet durable webbing, combined with under-arm sleeves, help keep your dog comfortable and cool during walks.
  • For a better no-pull experience, pair with a Halti Training Lead. This dual-clip lead provides attachment points at the front and back of the dog harness, offering optimal support and steering control.


The Halti has been specially selected by Pete ‘the Vet’ Wedderburn and his team as part of a high-quality range of products for the Petfix Store.


1 review for Halti No Pull Harness for Dogs

Dave O'Kane
2021-04-10 11:54:16
Have a very powerful Staffie who was always a struggle on the lead. Tried reward based training but she wasn't motivated by food/treats. Bought this harness and already have seen a dramatic improvement. First walk with this harness and was the most enjoyable in long memory.

Brand information

Founded in 1979, Company of Animals was created as a hub for activity, research and innovation in animal behaviour. We develop exciting products that work to resolve behaviour and training problems, improve animal welfare and enrich the lives of pets and their families. You can find our products worldwide, stocked in thousands of independent pet shops, high street stores and online retailers. Your pet’s happiness is at the core of everything we do. After all, we’re never happier than in the company of animals…

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