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Product Details

At the Tiny Friends Farm in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Supreme harvests the very best straw to make comfy bedding for all our furry friends. Russel & Gerty Barley Straw  helps to keep beds soft and dry, so that tiny friends can snuggle down for a warm, cosy night’s sleep. It’s the perfect straw bedding for tiny friends with big personalities.

pack size:17 Litres

Features and Benefits

  • Naturally warm and absorbent
  • Helps keep beds warm and dry
  • Easy to clean out
  • Dust extracted
  • Environmentally friendly

The SUPREME has been specially selected by Pete ‘the Vet’ Wedderburn and his team as part of a high-quality range of products for the Petfix Store.


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Brand information

From rabbits to hamsters and guinea pigs to rats, Supreme has the ideal choice of tasty pet food that provides the perfect nutritional balance, keeping your small pets happy and healthy

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