Why choose commercially produced food for your dog?

Petfix Club
9th February 2021 - 2 min read

It’s often been said “you are what you eat”: the same general rule applies to pets. It’s easy to forget that living bodies are made of chemicals, and that those chemicals come directly from the substances that are absorbed through digestive tracts. So the food that we introduce into our pets’ digestive tracts is the base substance from which our pets are made.

Poor Quality VS High Quality

Animals that are fed on poor quality diets begin to demonstrate their poor nutrition in their appearance, with dull coats, sunken eyes and less energy. In severe cases, they can even suffer from diseases of malnutrition, with diseases like scurvy being seen in extreme cases.

Conversely, animals that are fed on the ideal nutrition can be living examples of the way that things should be: their coat has a shiny gloss, they have bright, sparkling eyes, and there’s a spring in their step.

dog eating dry food from bowl on floor

Balanced Diet

First things first: whatever pets may want to eat, you have a duty to provide them with a balanced diet to ensure that they stay healthy. You need to provide a combination of different nutrients in the correct quantities, and in the correct proportion to each other.

Constituents include

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat
  • Fibre
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

The correct amount of each needs to be included.

Home Cooking

It is possible to home-cook for your pets, but it’s not always easy to ensure that the food in the dish contains every necessary ingredient. If you’re going to attempt this, you need to talk to your vet about your plans, and your vet may even recommend that you consult with a professional nutritionist.

chicken rice and broccolli on pan

In some instances, people have tried creating diets on their own, without consulting professionals, and they have made serious mistakes, such as feeding too much liver, or not enough minerals. Pets can suffer from serious illnesses as a consequence. For most people, it’s easier and safer to use commercially available pet food, and this is available in different formulations.

Processed Foods

There is a great deal of confusion, especially online, about the idea that pet food has been “processed”: comparisons are made to ultra-processed human food like frozen pizzas, instant noodles, donuts etc. It’s important to realise that the only similarity between these products and pet food is the word “processed”: these are genuine “junk foods” which do not contain full nutrition at all. In contrast, commercial pet food is nutritionally balanced

By definition, “complete” pet food (such as the Petfix Club brand) has been formulated to meet the precise requirements of pets, so you can be certain that it will provide the correct balance of nutrients in the right quantities to ensure that your pet enjoys all of the nutrients that their body needs.