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Keep Your Pet Healthy
& Save Money

Get access to online vets, discounted home delivery shopping, customised plans for your pet and much, much more!

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A lifetime of advice and information from Pete the Vet.

Over 1,000 questions answered and more than 100 videos based on the most common issues you and your pets will deal with over the course of their lives.

Easy to search and at your fingertips 24/7.

“Petfix Club is for pet lovers who want the best healthcare and wellbeing advice for their pets, without the time and cost of unnecessary visits to the vets.”

Pete ‘The Vet’ Wedderburn

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In Partnership with Petbond

Ireland’s most safe & trusted online platform to source a happy & healthy pet. Safely choose from any of Petbond's approved breeder or rescue centre options.

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Got a question? Get in touch with Pete and his team.

For an answer from the experts email Pete and his team anytime.

Expert answers direct to your in-box.

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A tailored life-long plan for every member's pet.

Every members pet gets a personalised health planner direct from Pete the Vet setting your pet up for good health at every stage of their life.

Includes handy vaccination and health notifications.

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“Petfix Club provides you with the necessary information and resources members need to help their pets live healthier lives.”

Pete ‘The Vet’ Wedderburn

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Help your pet fast with our DIY Pet Triage.

Not every itch or bump needs a trip to the vet. Our DIY Pet Triage is the fastest way to identify health problems and get expert advice on how to get them treated.

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Specially chosen products from our store to your door.

100s of top quality products including our own specially chosen range.

Free delivery on all orders over €35.

The Petfix Community is a place to chat, make new friends with like minded pet owners and enter competitions.

The ideal place to share pics, pick up tips, and chat to people who love their pets just as much as you do.

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