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Vet Access

Unlimited Vet Messaging

A registered vet available when you need them most, via chat on our ‘Ask a vet’ feature.

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Shopping Discounts

Petfix members get 5% off their orders, as well as exclusive offers on the Petstop website and instore.

Health Tools

Pet Health Plans

Day to day health plans to help you make sure your pet is living their best life.

How it works
Tell us about your pets daily habits, history, food intake, socialisation and more
Your answers are analysed
Tailored Pet Plan
You recieve a talored Pet Plan, customised to help you ensure your pets healthiest life

Health tools


The DIY Triage is an interactive tool, created by a team of vets to help you identify pet health issues from the comfort of your home

I would consider Petfix to be a complete go to website for all aspects of pet ownership...
Unnecessary veterinary appointments will be a thing of the past.
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About us

As a vet founded service, we know that all pets have unique needs. We deliver custom advice for your pet from a veterinary grounding.

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