A tour of the farm with Martina, from My Lovely Horse Rescue

Petfix Club
22nd July 2021 - 1 min read

Martina, the Co-Founder of My Lovely Horse Rescue, joined Pete the vet from Petfix Club virtually to show him around the farm, and introduce him to many of the animals they have rescued over the last few years. Martina talks about the work they do as an organisation, and the care they give to the animals.

What do they do?

My Lovely Horse Rescue recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and have cared for hundreds, if not thousands of animals around Ireland since the beginning including horses, pigs, goats, donkeys and more. They rescue, rehab, and rehome a wide variety of animals, and began after the founders realised there were very few services in Ireland for these types of animals.

Their aim is:

To educate as many animal owners as we can.
To work with as many law enforcement agencies as we can.
To improve animal welfare throughout Ireland.
To make all lives, A Life Worth Living

my lovely horse rescue
Aslan & Dave from My Lovely Horse Rescue Cork

Martina very kindly gave her time to show Pete and the Petfix followers around one of their farms on Instagram Live, to take a virtual tour, back see the video below.

Tour of the Farm

To learn more go to https://www.mylovelyhorserescue.com/ Or, if you would like to donate My Lovely Horse Rescue, please click on the link here.