Christmas Song for Dogs

Petfix Club
18th November 2020 - 1 min read

Raise the Woof! is a new Christmas song for dogs, featuring barking, and common dog commands, over a reggae-style beat and melody. The dog-friendly song was mastered in the world-famous Abbey Road Studio in London.

colourful dogs

After two months of testing over 500 noises, 25 sounds were chosen to make the song dog-friendly. The dogs’ reactions were monitored by a vet and an animal behaviourist to ensure the animals were reacting positively. This was monitored in different ways such as tail wagging, head moving, and the dogs’ searching for the source of the sound.

(Source: YouTube)

The song is available to stream on Spotify and Amazon Music. It is also available on vinyl, for £10, with money going to wellbeing group Dudes&Dogs.

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