Dogs Trust Fears an Increase in the Number of Dogs Being Surrendered

Petfix Club
8th September 2020 - 1 min read

Animal rescue charity Dogs Trust has reported a considerable increase in the number of pets being surrendered. Between January and August Dogs Trust reported 624 surrender request calls with July seeing the largest spike in calls.

Dogs trust fears that as children return to school and people return to work that there will be a further increase in the number of dogs being surrendered.

Corina Fitzsimons, PR and communications manager for Dogs Trust Ireland said that during the lockdown there was a huge increase in rehoming and foster applications. As normal life resumes Fitzsimons airs her concerns:

 “So many people were so lonely during lockdown and dogs are such great company,” she said.

“We also envisage there could be a large increase as people in offices start to go back to work and as puppies reach that adolescent stage.”

“I do think over the coming months the surrender numbers will go up and could go up quite a lot. The common reason for people is that they just don’t have time.”

“If you consider the average person spends at least two hours travelling to and from work, if you didn’t have to do that every day because you’re working from home then your dog is walked and played within those two hours. If people are back to work, it’s back to that commute again.”

The charity urges dog owners who are struggling to contact them for advice and assistance.

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