Pete Chats to Irish Goalie Darren Randolph on Petfix Club IGTV

Petfix Club
19th March 2021 - 1 min read

On Thursday the 18th of March, Petfix vet Pete Wedderburn was joined by West Ham, and Irish Goalkeeper Darren Randolph to chat about his dog Skye, and dealing with Skye’s allergic skin condition Atopic Dermatitis, Or Atopy, also known as itchy skin.

 pete wedderburn the vet and irish goalkeeper darren randolph

Skye is an 11 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who has suffered from Atopic Dermatitis for many years. Darren has brought her to the vet multiple times, and eventually got the problem under control, with help of Petfix Club vet, Pete Wedderburn.

This video is part of a series of Instagram Lives run on the Petfix Club Instagram. Pete will have a different guest every week, and will discuss different topics relating to the person joining, and their pet.

During the Instagram Live with Randolph, they discuss football, some of Darrens favourite moments and career highlights. They talk about Darrens journey with Skye, and how he has handled her condition since birth. They also discuss some of the many ways to handle a skin condition such as atopic dermatitis, and answer questions from fans watching live.

To find some of the products that Pete recommends for itchy skin, go to