Pete Chats to Lottie Ryan About Introducing a Newborn Baby to a Dog

Petfix Club
15th March 2021 - 1 min read

On Wednesday the 10th of March, Petfix vet Pete Wedderburn was joined by RTE star Lottie Ryan, to chat about her dog Boo, and her baby due in August.

lottie ryan and yorkshire terrier dog Boo
(Source: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine)

Boo, a tiny yorkshire terrier, has been a huge part of Lottie’s life for months now, but with the arrival of her baby boy in August, Lottie has to prepare to introduce Boo to baby! Pete wanted to help Lottie understand a way to ensure the smoothest transition.

Lottie and Pete went live on IGTV and got to know Boo. They discuss her eating habits, exercise, her knee issues and the best way to introduce Boo to a newborn baby (15:30 in the video below).

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