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17th December 2020 - 2 min read


What size is a pug??

Adult size

Female dog10 to 12 inches
Male dog10 to 14 inches


Female dog18 to 28 pounds
Male dog20 to 30 pounds


How much exercise does a pug need?

Up to 1 hour a day


Does a pug shed and what length is their coat?

Yes, the Pug does shed, but their short, smooth coat requires minimal maintenance.


Weekly brushing will remove loose hair and keep their coat looking its best. Pugs should be groomed once a week.


What type of personality does a pug have?

The Pug is charming, mischievous and loving. They are the idea family dog when it comes to their personality.


Pugs love to please their people and are generally easy to train, but they are a sensitive breed, so owners should choose their training tactics wisely.


What is the lifespan of a pug?

They usually live for over 10 years.

pug black and grey puppy


Pug’s Eyes

  • The Pug’s adorable eyes are also one of their problem areas, as they may experience corneal ulcers and dry eye.

Breathing Problems

  • Like many other flat-faced breeds, Pugs experience breathing problems – especially in heat and humidity. Pugs wheeze, snort, and snore, loudly.

Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE)

  • Necrotizing meningoencephalitis (NME), also known as Pug Dog Encephalitis, is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system that is usually progressive and fatal. Symptoms of NME include seizures, depression, ataxia (a degenerative disease of the nervous system), abnormal gait, and blindness.


How do I know I am picking the right pug puppy?

You should use our Puppy Adoption Checklist to ensure you are covering all of the basics.

Do you need a big garden for a pug?

Not necessarily, they can be good apartment pets as they have low energy levels.

Are pug’s hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, no dog breed is truly hypoallergenic. Dog allergens are mostly found in saliva, urine and sweat. The allergens in saliva often end up coating their fur after grooming. Pug’s brachycephalic nature leads to excessive saliva, and their shedding coat means that people with allergies will likely have a reaction to a pug.

pug with harness