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FELIWAY Classic Diffuser is an excellent solution to comfort cats at home and help prevent signs such as spraying, scratching or hiding.

How happy is your cat?

When cats are stressed or unsure they often become frightened or aggressive. Feliway Diffusers help your cat to feel secure and happy, even in different surroundings or changed situations. It is a calming product that gives your pet much needed reassurance. When a cat feels safe in its environment, it will deposit pheromone (scent) marks on furniture or other prominent objects. These marks convey a message of well-being and a feeling of safety. Feliway mimics the cat’s natural facial pheromones to create a state of familiarity and security in the cat’s local environment.

Easy to use

  • Just plug and play: screw the vial onto the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket.
  • Leave the diffuser switched on continuously.

Good to Know

  • Each diffuser refill covers an area up to 70 m2
  • Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves, behind doors, behind curtains, behind furniture, as it will not work

The Feliway range has been specially selected by Pete ‘the Vet’ Wedderburn and his team as part of a high-quality range of products for the Petfix Store.

1 x 48ml refill

1x plug in diffuser


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Brand information

Feliway encourages cats to feel happy in our modern environment and helps avoids signs like urine spraying, scratching, fighting and hiding.

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