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Will my dog be able to walk properly again?


My six year old dog suddenly stopped using his back legs, dragging them around. The vet told me that he had a slipped disc, and that surgery was the best option but I can’t afford that. Two weeks later, after just resting him, he is now walking a bit. Will he ever be able to walk properly again?


Spinal disease is complicated in dogs, just as in humans. The best answer in severe cases is often to have an MRI scan done, followed by complex surgery. However this is costly, and not everyone can afford it, so the option of cage rest and time is often the choice people make. The good news is that some dogs do recover well with this approach, but it’s always important to continue to visit your vet regularly to make sure that nothing unexpected develops that could stop him from continuing to improve.

If you are worried about your pet's health, visit the Petfix DIY Triage Checker or talk to your vet as soon as possible.